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Matthew Kenslow
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Matthew Kenslow was six years old when he received an Autism diagnosis, but he never allowed it to have the prerogative to stop him. He persevered through the challenges of student teaching and is now a substitute teacher who loves encouraging his students. He is also an influencer, juggler and author who shares his true story in his new book, Unstoppable: How One Person With Autism Is Never Giving Up on His Lifelong Dream To Become a Teacher and Worldwide Influencer.

Kenslow wants his students and readers alike to know that regardless of disability, they can do whatever they set their mind to. He even incorporates juggling into this lesson for his students. “When I juggle, I drop one on purpose and say, ‘OK, what do you do if you make a mistake? Do you give up? No, just bend down, pick it up and keep going,’” Kenslow said in a recent interview.

Unstoppable takes readers on a gripping story of how one man faced Autism head-on, persevering through discrimination in his own neighborhood, all the while not being given a full range of opportunities. He chronicles his highs and lows with candor, as he walks readers through what life is really like for people who are neurodivergent.

After years of feeling underused, misunderstood and invisible, Kenslow went on to tackle one of the most rigorous programs in California to obtain his teaching credentials. Kenslow is currently a substitute teacher in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, as he awaits landing a full-time teaching position. Unquestionably, he has made an impact on thousands of students, often being called the “best sub.”

“All I care about in life is making a difference — encouraging everybody that they have a purpose (despite a disability),” Kenslow added. “I want to do my part to help people put aside discrimination and competition, and learn to accept one another for who they are.”


Matthew Kenslow has grown up with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a result, life has been filled with adventure and struggle. Not allowing Autism to stop him, he became an author of two books and is telling the world what it is like living with a disability, how people can be friends with them, and how everybody has a purpose despite having a disability.

Matthew has appeared on television, radio, and podcasts around the world, being featured in Newsweek Magazine, Spectrum News, ABC7 Los Angeles, and many more. Today, over a million people follow his story on social media, encouraging people to embrace the gifts that they have to share with the world, and that anybody can do whatever they set their heart and mind to do, disability or not.

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