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Viviane Chauvet is an Arcturian Ambassador, Intergalactic Teacher, Author, Speaker, Creator of the Arcturian Healing Arts Program and Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing & Host of the Infinite Star Connections Podcast & the radio show Arcturian Conversations.
Guest Biography

My guest Viviane Chauvet is an interstellar being who ascended thousands of years ago. Her Soul Avatar Essence has returned in a projected hybrid human form as an emissary for the re-ascension timeline. Renowned for her advanced healing services, Viviane has conducted over 23,000 private sessions worldwide. As an oracle of Arcturus, her mission includes traveling from star system to star system to assist civilizations on the verge of evolutionary Ascension process. She is a member of the intergalactic Federation of Light and collaborates with Star Regency and interplanetary councils.

Viviane speaks at conferences and is interviewed on radio and online summits. Viviane is featured in the multi-award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelation” and featured in an upcoming documentary, based on Craig Campobasso’s book, “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.” 

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