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Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin
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Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin is the author of Sacrifices For Kingdoms (October 24, 2023), the first book of a romance trilogy which follows the relationship between Elizabeth, a sophisticated activist, and Michael, a European Prince with hidden ambitions, as it intersects with their other loves, lives—and lies. 


Filled with passion, danger, and intrigue, their journey crosses continents and cultures, places and races, as they navigate secrets, societal pressures, and decisions as to which kingdom gets sacrificed. The story delves into provocative themes of love, eroticism, religion, environmentalism, and sexism, giving it extra dimension.


Patricia can discuss:

  • The importance of setting and its influence on the narrative
  • Exploration of diverse cultural perspectives inspired by her own multicultural background and world travels
  • The role of literature in initiating conversations around sensitive topics and how it will prompt readers to reflect on these topics in their own lives
  • The theme of "God Has No Gender," a speech given by the protagonist that took Patricia decades to research and write
  • The need for female equality, especially in leadership, to ensure the survival of humanity and the planet
  • The significance of addressing controversial themes and confronting societal norms (religious discrimination, climate change, and women’s rights) within fiction

About Patricia:

  • She was born in Trinidad of British and French ancestry, educated there and in the UK and U.S.
  • She started working on this novel over 30 years ago, writing the first 10 chapters in long-hand 
  • She’s an award-winning artist, renowned for developing her “Unique Stainings On Wood”
  • She’s still married to her high school sweetheart
  • She did extensive research for this book (and the rest of the trilogy)
  • She was raised staunchly Catholic, but enjoys discussing her research and stance debunking the religious patriarchal oppression of women and how culturally advanced, peaceful Goddess societies were in place long before male-dominated barbarian tribes and organized religious factions came into existence

Thank you for scheduling a conversation with this intriguing new novelist. 


Jill Maxick

Senior Publicist

PR by the Book

512-501-4399 ext. 711


Patricia D’Arcy Laughlin was born in Trinidad of British and French ancestry. She was educated there, the UK, and the USA. She is a world traveler and an award-winning artist, famous for developing her “Unique Stainings On Wood.” Although she has composed poetry, Sacrifices For Kingdoms is her first novel. She lives in Florida with her husband, and she has three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

United States