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Daniel Kristos
Your Pitch

I've been reading and researching topics of history for about decade in an effort to know the truth, but also to know thy enemy and to identify who the heck the THEY are that everyone including myself has referenced in vague ambiguity.  It appears I have an answer to who is doing this to us.  Who is so determined to shape the world as they see fit against the will of the majority.  I see a pattern of behavior reaching back to Sumer and Babylon that, like a sine wave through the pages of history, appears as a constant antagonist to the rest of mankind.  Like a big fingerprint across the story of humanity these actions follow a particular pattern.  It involves mysticism, the esoteric, and the occult meanings behind often public rituals.  Through their symbols you shall know them.  My upcoming book, Priestcraft Beyond Babylon, covers the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Bolsheviks, and most importantly the Mystery School adepts, their rituals, Canaanite practices still found in modern form today, and the Sabbatain or Sabbatean Frankists.  It's there I believe the Lions share resides.  If you understand their symbolism, you'll get why I brought up the lion.  I believe we're dealing with a common thread that connects all these groups to one another.  It's a very dark and very ancient priesthood that still operates through the infiltration and corruption of many institutions.  I'd like to discuss that a bit.  I go over this and current offenses we call news on my show and attempt to offer alternatives to the trappings of this malicious medical system as well.


I'm a dad to an amazing little girl first and foremost.  I have been the hot sauce guy of San Diego and beyond since 2014, having had a store in Old Town San Diego for 7 of those years.  So I like to create great products for people to enjoy.  I'm a former US Coast Guard, a writer, researcher, and historical analyst.  But going back to the original statement, I'm a dad concerned about my family in this extremely hostile and malicious world we find ourselves in.  I create informative videos and host guests on my channel Baal Busters.  My goal is to inform others of what I've learned from a lot of reading in the hopes it results in a more informed public, able to avoid the many dangers we face.  I've had Dr Bryan Ardis on about 40 times, Dr Peter Glidden, ND, Dr Henry Ealy, Kevin Annett, Freeman of Freeman TV, Scott Schara, Dr Alphonzo Monzo, ND, Dr Tau Braun, Tom Cowan, Kaufman, Mike Adams, and many others.  I'm currently writing a book called Priestcraft Beyond Babylon from my research into the ongoing and still thriving ancient Mystery School cults and how they manifest in modern day institutions of medicine, religions, government, and cultural trends.  I have studied the works of Bill Cooper extensively and incorporate his broadcasts into my show and into the pages of my book.  I recently became a certified personal trainer.

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