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Guest Name
Franchette Dyer
Guest Occupation
Founder/CEO Vetech Business Services, LLC
Guest Biography
Franchette Dyer is a powerhouse and influential figure in the business world. As the Founder of Vetech Business Services, LLC, a highly successful woman-owned small business, she has made a significant impact in supporting military personnel and their families.
With an impressive educational background, including an MBA and an MSM in Business Administration and Management, Franchette possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her 20+ years of experience working closely with the US Army in various countries have given her unique insights into the inner workings of Fortune 500 companies and their hiring practices.
Franchette's ability to bridge the gap between military experience and civilian employment opportunities is unparalleled. She excels in helping service members and their families translate their military terminology and experiences into compelling narratives that attract attention and secure job interviews.
What sets Franchette apart is her unwavering dedication to empowering her clients. She is a true influencer, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. Through her guidance and accountability, she ensures that her clients are equipped with the tools and strategies needed for success in their next career.
Franchette Dyer's impact as a powerhouse and influencer cannot be overstated. Her passion, expertise, and commitment to supporting military personnel and their families make her an invaluable asset in their journey towards personal and professional growth.