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Guest Name
Haumea Hanakahi
Guest Occupation
Haumea Hanakahi is helping Visionary Thought Leaders that are Changing the World - to do just that - by quickly connecting them into Higher Wisdom.
Guest Biography

We talk about Magical Soul-led Sensitives & Trauma

Haumea Hanakahi, known as the “Sacred Dragon Oracle,” is a highly gifted psychic, mystic, intuitive wisdom guide, zapper of energy blocks, and storyteller. She is the secret healer of healers and movement leaders for extraordinary removal of energy blocks. If you are a highly sensitive person, empath, or mystic Haumea offers understanding, insights, tools, and clearings to assist in boldly expressing and living your unique Divine Design. A cauldron of neurosciences, biomechanics, metaphysics, herbals, and understanding that everything is Energy allows Haumea to facilitate alchemical transformations. She lends her wisdom into the topics of fear, trauma, and healing. She's been on her own healing journey for the past 30 years.  Haumea’s message is to Be MORE of Your Magical, Unique, and Divine Self!   Most people who work with Haumea "just have a sense or feeling" to do so. With a mission to "Serve Conscious Evolution on Earth," Haumea is lighting a torch for a legion of soul-led sensitives and mystics who are liberating themselves and others from artificial limits placed upon Humanity.