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Sunny is is a Spiritual Entrepreneur Mentor, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Psychic Medium. Sunny LOVES sharing tools and techniques so you can create a life you LOVE♥️
Guest Biography

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an acclaimed psychic medium, transformational thought leader, and spiritual biz mentor. She is the author of twenty-one  books, including bestsellers, Invoking the Archangels and The Love Never Ends. Sunny is also the creator of the ELEV8 Your Life membership site a virtual community focused on designing a high-vibrational life of abundance, self-love, and joy. SDJ Productions is Sunny’s writing, speaking engagements, publishing books, CD’s, and her latest project is The Multi-Dimensional Oracle Card Deck. In her spare time, Sunny helps as a psychic investigator for the international organization FIND ME, collaborating to support law enforcement and families of missing persons and homicide victims.