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Neil Emeigh
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Would you be interested in an interview with proxy and web scraping expert, founder and CEO of Rayobyte, Neil Emeigh, about what ethical scraping is and how it's becoming a major tool for protecting consumer data.

Topics Mr. Emeigh can discuss include:

  • What ethical scraping is and how it's used to collect consumer data
  • Web scraping vs. current methods
  • Why current methods do not protect consumer data
  • What the best web scraping practices are 
  • Making web scraping ethically compliant and less intrusive 





Neil Emeigh is the owner and CEO of the largest US-based proxy provider and a 2022 Proxyway Contender of the Year, recognized for its ethical approach and its high-quality data center proxies. Neil remains an expert in the field of proxies and scraping and loves sharing his passion for ethical data acquisition and usage in a world where these are too often seen as impossible to reconcile."

United States