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Judah Freed
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Making Global Sense: Grounded hope for democracy inspired by Thomas Paine's Common Sense

The cause of global awakening is the cause of all humankind. In these trying times of climate change when authoritarian nations outnumber democracies, our best hope for freedom and a sustainable future is seeing our global oneness — and taking action.

Making Global Sense reports that more than a billion of us on earth are aware of our connectivity. We’re inventing a global sense movement, building critical mass for a global shift into enlightened democracy.

Author and journalist Judah Freed finds inspiration in Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Where Paine in 1776 opposed injustice from monarchy and hereditary succession, Freed opposes ancient alpha male rule and authority addiction, instead advocating mindful self rule and personal democracy. Where Paine urged revolution, Freed urges evolution. Weaving essay and memoir, Making Global Sense revives ideals from the 18th century Enlightenment to champion our 21st century enlightenment, now!


“Thomas Paine rallied Americans to a new sense of themselves and their possibilities. Judah Freed does likewise for citizens of the planet.”
Bill McKibben, author, The End of Nature; founder,, Global Climate March

“Judah Freed has taken the gauntlet from Thomas Paine and other great innovators of democracy to guide us toward the evolution of democracy itself. “
Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, Conscious Evolution  (she saw draft)

Making Global Sense is at once vast and tangible, disturbing and inspiring.”
Ocean Robbins, Co-founder and CEO, The Food Revolution Network

Making Global Sense is compelling in its ideas and wonderful in its personal elements.”
Herb Goldberg, PhD, author, The Hazards of Being Male and The New Male


Judah Freed is an award-winning author and journalist. His work has won a Benjamin Franklin Book Award and two Nautilus Book Awards.

Judah is an "old radio hand." He hosted the "Metro" call-in talk show on KGNU-FM, served as correspondent for "Thin Air" on regional NPR and a correspondent for Voice of America. He earlier was news director and then program director of KASF-FM.

He entered journalism in 1976, starting with a decade working for Denver newspapers. He then wrote two decades for the top U.S. and European media industry trade magazines, pioneering coverage of interactive TV, the internet and media social effects, attracting invitations to talk on four continents. He next worked a decade for publishers in Hawaii, returning home to Colorado in 2020, working for a national news service.

Judah is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (First Amendment and Banned Books committees), PEN America, The Authors Guild, Society of Professional Journalists, National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Coalition of Visionary Resources, The Independent Book Publishers Association, Colorado Inde­pendent Publishers Association, The Colorado Authors League, and the historic Denver Press Club.

Judah is a cancer survivor, divorced and lives in Colorado on planet Earth.