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April & Jay Matta
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Thank U for checking us out! We've interviewed well over 2,300+ world-renowned thought leaders to expand global consciousness, tap into intuition, and raise one's frequency. We are grateful & welcome the opportunity to share our insights on all things spiritual, including what we've coined the "5D ECONOMY", our views on ascension, manifestation, creating abundance, false light workers, and how the Redox Revolution is changing the trajectory of humanity and providing unprecedented levels of discernment! We are looking forward to connecting with you and creating an awesome show for your audience! We encourage a quick 5-minute pre-chat to connect, share thoughts, & ensure we provide the maximum benefit for your listeners. Kindly call or TEXT Jay at 321-216-8047

Ideas For Episode Titles / Main Focus:

  • The 5D ECONOMY
  • 5D  New Earth Consciousness
  • Ascension Handbook
  • Redox Revolution & How is it Changing the Trajectory of Humanity?
  • Who's Really In Control?


  • What is the 5D ECONOMY?
  • What happened to "TRUST THE PLAN?"
  • Solar flash, Currency Revalue, & upcoming election thoughts.
  • Interpretation of the Great Awakening
  • Views on ascension & 'false light workers'
  • How can we raise our vibration with all this negativity?
  • Manifesting & creating an abundance of all kinds]What is the Redox Revolution
  • How is it changing the trajectory of humanity?
  • How do you create & sustain an avalanche of abundance?
  • At ages 55 & 51 how are we Living Younger Longer?

April & Jay Matta are Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Founders/Hosts of SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth" & Founder of Ascended Masters Store, Creators of SpirituallyRAW SECRETS To Broadcasting & Interview Riches Master-Course, and ASEA Diamond Executives. SpirituallyRAW is also on ROKU TV, APPLE IOS, three YouTube channels, Bitchute, and more.
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We've interviewed well over 2,300+ of the greatest spiritual minds from around the globe. We explore and expose the nature of the Universe, fantastical, conspiracy theories, supernatural, unexplained, & the flat-out unimaginable! We are committed to bringing the best interviews to support your conscious evolution. 

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