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Kayla and Kourtney of Goal Achiever Inc
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Please consider Goal Achiever Inc., providing scholarship awards and school donations to students across the USA as well as charity donations to cancer awareness foundations. The concept launched around the simple idea of goal-setting and achievement by rewarding members for creating and completing goals through a state-of-the art platform and an "Inspiring Story" podcast, which focuses on members sharing their stories. Launched by two Black powerhouse female entrepreneurs and their father, Goal Achiever Inc. donates proceeds to educational and charitable initiatives, promoting any kind of business looking to give back across the country. Inspired by the loss of their cousin Terri Large at 18 years old due to cancer, who achieved her goal of finishing her education before her death, Kayla and Kourtney Ainsworth can comment on the following hot topics:

-Their process in funding endless amounts of school donations, scholarships and charities and how they find the organizations and schools in need

-The founder's (Kederio's) niece Terri Large who was diagnosed at 10 and passed away with brain cancer at 18, but never stopped setting goals and achieving them, and how this inspired the formation of the company to help others in need.

-How their upcoming podcast: Inspiring Stories, School Talk and Entrepreneurial Talk will highlight their participating members, educators and sponsors this May, motivating members to set goals and achieve them.

Kayla says, "Terri Large's legacy has allowed Goal Achiever Inc. to inspire the nation by providing a platform to help set goals and to be heard. Our system is set up so that members can stay on track with their goals, allowing them to create daily reminders and participate in our friendly mobile app game to win cash rewards towards their aspirations. Sponsors can obtain brand recognition simultaneously, while supporting a program that gives back.”

Every Thursday, the company hosts a cash reward giveaway to the lucky winner(s) and in January 2022, they successfully presented their first $500.00 scholarship award. For nearly a decade, The Terri Large: Keeping the Faith Scholarship Award has been awarding Senior Students at Rancho Cucamonga High School. (founded by mother Keysha)



Kayla and Kourtney are two sisters that both graduated from CSU Northridge with a Bachelor Degree in Communications and they’re both mothers. Kayla and Kourtney’s father Kederio is the founder of Goal Achiever Inc. a business dedicated to helping others and giving back. Their story was inspired by their late cousin Terri Large who passed away at the age of 18 years old due to a rare brain cancer. Terri’s vision was to help those in need. A decade later Kederio wanted to carry out Terri’s vision and help a massive number of individuals by hearing their inspiring stories and helping them achieve their goals. Kayla and Kourtney have been honored to be working side by side with their father and to take charge on getting 1 million goal setting individuals across the United States to be a part of an inspirational movement “Goal Achiever 1 million”.

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