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Using tools grounded in positive psychology, personality science, neuroscience and quantum science, I help people raise their frequency and vibration + self-love.
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How To Be Liberated from Suffering to become a Vibe Raiser?  My guest is Rev. Joya Sosnowski who is a metaphysician & sonic synthesis practitioner, devoted to expanding consciousness & the Higher Self. Having overcome severe trauma herself, she employs extensive trainings in mindfulness, healing with sound & voice, metaphysics, and spiritual psychology to assist people in releasing all forms of traumas and reconnect with their True Soul Self. In addition to her sound healing practice, Joya hosts singing circles, a spiritual study group on Sunday Mornings, and the Vibe Raiser Event, where people come together to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness through chant & dance. Her first book, Practical Spirituality: 15 Practices to Bring Heaven to Earth is due out this fall.