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Brea Elles
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Brea Elles of Atelier Honnete, is a design and construction professional with 10+ years of experience, a Master of Interior Architecture and International Real Estates, and a certificate in Project Management. Atelier Honnete helps homeowners with renovation project planning such as setting a reasonable budget, vetting general contractors, reviewing construction estimates, and offering design services. Brea is on the upcoming HGTV show, “Buy It or Build It”, creating and shaping interiors empathetic to each families’ lifestyles.

She can comment on the following hot topics:

  • Home trends and how infrastructures have shifted post-COVID 19
  • How to save money on remodeling costs and redesigns
  • Tips on how to manage the custom house-built projects
  • How to plan for a renovation project without breaking the bank and 5 do’s and don’ts
  • Kitchen trends 2022: appliances, smart gadgets, and more.
  • Color pairing and techniques to use when designing spaces 
  • Pitfalls to watch out for when renovating a kitchen.
  • How to remodel your home for an appreciation in value and help with selling
  • Setting up a proper remodeling budget

Focusing on healthcare design, overseeing the construction of hospitals, clinics, and academic facilities, she has also taught interior design topics (collegiate level) from creative design, design research, building materials, and space planning.

Brea says, “The emotional well-being and physical space are interrelated; and because of that, we create intentional interiors. We are experts at maintaining the practicality of the design with a cost-efficient approach without sacrificing aesthetics. Strengthening simplicity, subtracting noise, and adding meaning is the heart of our practice”.

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Lively, vibrant Caribbean woman, as many as described Brea Elles. Her laughter is a signature marker of her personality. Brea discovered her passion for creating and shaping functional and effective user experience in interiors while obtaining her master’s in interior architecture at Florida International University. Her keen interest in user experience led her to obtain a certification in Evidence-based Design Accreditation.

Brea Elles is a design and construction professional with over ten years of experience with also a Master of International Real Estates, and a certificate in Project Management. Her primary design focus has been healthcare design overseeing the design and construction of hospitals, clinics, and academic facilities. Concurrently, Brea has assisted homeowners to design custom homes and guide them through the construction process.

Brea is fluent in French and Creole. You can find Brea in her spare time roaming the halls of art museums and dancing to the beat of her favorite genres of music.