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Guest Name
Anne Gagliano and Retired Captain Mike Gagliano Bestselling Authors on Firefighter Marriage
Guest Occupation
Bestselling Authors, Columnist, Speakers, Retired Fire Captain, Fire Instructor, Fire Engineering
Guest Biography

Anne Gagliano is an author, lecturer and spouse of retired Seattle Fire Captain Mike Gagliano for over 35 years. Her Fire Engineering article “What Every Firefighter’s Spouse Should Know” and ongoing contributions to, have inspired couples all over the world to seek a fulfilling, lasting and intimate marriage despite the challenges posed by the fire service.

She and Mike lecture across the country on building and maintaining a strong marriage with principles derived specifically from her three decades- worth of experience as a fire/law enforcement/military wife. They are co-authors of the bestselling Fire Engineering book “Challenges of the Firefighter Marriage”, that highlights the many joys and challenges of love, fun and passion in a first-responder marriage.

Mike Gagliano has over 33 years of fire/crash/rescue experience with the Seattle Fire Department and the United States Air Force. He retired as the Captain of Ladder 5 and remains a proud member of Fire Station 31.

Captain Gagliano has written numerous fire service articles, is co-author of the bestselling books Air Management for the Fire Service, Challenges of the Firefighter Marriage and the SCBA chapter of the Handbook for Firefighter 1 & 2 from Pennwell.

He is a member of the Fire Engineering/FDIC Advisory Board, Firefighter Air Coalition board member, on the advisory board of the UL-Firefighter Safety and Research Institute and teaches across the country on Air Management, Fireground Tactics, Leadership and Company Officer Development.

Mike co-hosts the popular Fire Engineering radio webcast “The Mikey G and Mikey D Show” and partners with his wife Anne ( to teach strategies for developing and maintaining a strong marriage/family.