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Guest Name
Karen Abrams
Guest Occupation
Master Theta Healer, Relationship Expert and Gifted Intuitive
Guest Biography

Karen works with professional women to transform their subconscious beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors to create new habits, mindsets and actions that bring about personal and financial fulfillment.

Karen Abrams is a UCLA educated, entrepreneur, Master Theta Healer, relationship expert, and gifted intuitive. She is also an award-winning international bestselling author.

Graduated in psychology, Karen has honed the skills critical to Theta Healing, and as a student of meditation, her insight and intuition allow her to identify and pinpoint root causes of long-standing issues to create new understandings, forgiveness and strong inner resources. She has worked with thousands of clients worldwide who are at a crossroads in their lives- helping them heal the underlying causes of their issues and get clarity and understanding on how to move forward from there.

Karen is dedicated to helping women break free from living in survival mode so they can bring about fulfilled, healthy and balanced lives. Karen is known for integrating her energetic work with practical tools to bring about powerful results. Her work as a teacher, entrepreneur and musician give her the unique ability to understand the issues professionals and artists encounter.

As a wife, mother and daughter, she is acutely aware of the pressures women face in the sandwich generation, navigating their romantic, parental and child rearing relationships. Her keen sense of humor, insight and healing abilities have made her a rising star/speaker on radio, podcasts and the international tele-summit circuit in the Human Potential movement.

More about Karen at:
@thinktheta  (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)