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Mona Symone
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An advocate for child bullying, Mona Symone pursues her passion by running a business with an anti-bullying theme. What began as a blog to help parents deal with their children being bullied grew into a full-fledged brand, I’m Just Me, empowering both children and parents to stand up to bullies. Mona then invested all her resources into helping parents empower their own children by providing resources to combat bullying. Her Shopify store and blog are filled with anti-bullying merchandise to empower children to stand up to bullies, unleash their true talents, build their confidence, polish their character, and spread positivity through strong affirmations. The brand encourages parents to raise their children in the right way as they are the leaders of tomorrow.


Mona Symone is a hard-working entrepreneur and dedicated mother. After her 12-year-old son endured bullying several times, she took immediate action by having continued discussions with her child and school administrators.

Mona maintained an open dialogue with her son, encouraging him to tell her everything that happened each day so he would be better equipped to handle what was happening. He slowly learned how to fight his own battles, including when to fight, when not to, and when to seek adult intervention from mom and administrators. The bullying her son faced and the uphill battle with administration inspired Mona to create I’m Just Me which provides important resources to parents which allow kids to get help and stand up to bullies.

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