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Guest Name
Vahen King
Guest Occupation
International Motivational Speaker, Author, Philanthropist
Guest Biography

Vahen King is an author, international speaker and founder of a Non-profit organization "Going"  

In 2017 Vahen was crowned the first ever Miss Wheelchair Canada and went on to win the prestigious title of Miss Kindness World. Vahen's courage is contagious, transparently she shares about her own abilities and self-worth.  At age 23 an illness altered her life. She has now fully stepped into her power as a philanthropist, international speaker and author of 2 books designed to show how to overcome significant difficulties in life and embrace the discomfort to rise with Courageous Courage.  Her ultimate call to action is to encourage others to lean into discomfort, ditch our "I can't" mentalities, and choose courage to overcome your own emotional and physical challenges to go  farther. Are you Ready?


Vahen has adapted to her life and surroundings as a Person with a Disability and challenges others to see that our biggest disabilities are often the ones we place on ourselves. Vahen's passion is to ignite hearts with hope, empower the wounded and equip the willing to go farther.  Are you Ready for an inspiring story?


More about Vahen and her transformational work here:

Author of "Contagious Confidence", also author for "Going Farther":…