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Inner Hippie Club, 08/11/2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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with Adriana Monique Alvarez, Ileana Schinder and Micci Lou

Special guest Adriana Monique Alvarez tells us about the importance of being the one who talks about it in Fireside Stories.

Ileana Schinder takes the Talking Stick and shows us how we can improve our living spaces.

Micci Lou delights listeners on Music Spotlight with her song Love Lies Bleeding.

Guest, Adriana Monique Alvarez

Guest Name
Adriana Monique Alvarez
Guest Occupation
CEO and Founder of AMA Publishing
Guest Biography

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the CEO and Founder of AMA Publishing, where she teaches women how to start highly profitable publishing companies. She's an international bestselling author and has been seen in Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She is the author of "HOW TO START A SIX FIGURE PUBLISHING COMPANY," which is available to buy on Amazon. She is a USA Today bestselling author and her most recent book, "THE YOUNGER SELF LETTERS" debuted #1 on bestseller lists internationally. 

She mentors high-level coaches, consultants, and service providers on how to start their own high-earning, global-impact publishing houses. She is on a mission to create 10,000 female-owned publishing companies globally by 2027, so women's voices are heard - without censorship or gatekeepers.

She is currently living in the middle of nowhere Colorado where she is renovating her grandparents' home and learning how to homestead with her husband, Derek, and two sons, Sam and Grant.

Guest, Ileana Schinder

Guest Name
Ileana Schinder
Guest Occupation
Architect in Washington, DC
Guest Biography

Did the quarantine forced us to rethink our use of space? Spare bedrooms became offices; basements became apartments; garages became classrooms. Spaces that once housed “stuff” now house people, a concept that has fueled the innovative housing solutions created by architect Ileana Schinder.

As a woman and an immigrant, Ileana’s overlap of minority experiences propelled her passion for designing housing that more accurately addresses the needs of our ever-evolving population.

In her book *****Housing for Humans*****,
 Ileana provides an eye-opening exploration into America’s housing crisis and offers a clear path toward a creative, sustainable solution.

The crisis on affordable housing may be solved with a new small housing typology: additional dwelling units, shaped like granny flats to additional dwelling units. Ileana Schinder, in her architecture studio in Washington DC has designed and built new types of home for the new American family. 

Ileana Schinder is an architect in Washington, DC. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Argentina, 2000) and a M.A. in Communications from the American University (Washington DC, 2006)

Inspired to become an architect at the age of four by playing with Lego on the floor, she remains motivated to to design houses of all sizes 40 years later. Since opening her architecture studio in 2014, with creativity and innovation, she has designed additional dwelling units that create new spaces for clients and their families to thrive. As part of her efforts to educate the public on housing issues, Ileana has also written in blogs and held sessions to inspire and promote innovative models of home.

Ileana was born and raised in Argentina. She lives in Washington, DC with her family and her dog, Cecilia.


Guest, Micci Lou

Guest Name
Micci Lou
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
UK based electronic songwriter
Guest Biography

Micci Lou

UK based electronic songwriter.  Micci programs, arranges, engineers, produces and masters the She's Got Claws albums and other releases at Chameleon Studios (UK).
Micci loves to create fractured beats and synth hooks. These inspire her to add her poignant lyrics and dulcet tones to the tracks.
Her latest album release, ​Doppelgänger, has overdriven bass, courtesy of Chris O-Ten from her previous band. In addition to this, Andy McCluskey (OMD) jumped on board to produce two songs on this album, with his nephew, Cameron McCluskey, creating a remix as the bonus track.  

​Influentially she draws her inspirations from her broad spectrum of musical taste.  From the beautiful songs and soundscapes created by the French band AIR to the edgy electronic punk attitude of The Prodigy, NIN, Chemical Brothers and Gary Numan.  
Micci also loves rock and indie artists who love to experiment with electronics within their sound, such as Muse, The Wombats and David Bowie.
​She believes that having an open mind towards many styles, will inspire you to create new genres and add to the progress of music. 

"A howling of classic Brit early 80s electronica"
Electronic Sound Magazine

"An intriguing album concept that boasts classic synthpop with more baroque pop elements"
The Electricity Club

Tweet:  @shesgotclaws

Inner Hippie Club

Show Host

The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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