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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Affirmations For Living Guest, Bonny Hughes October 18, 2012 Spiritual Minister, Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Teacher, Medium, Intuitive

Bonny is an Ordained Spiritual Minister and Spiritual Counselor.  Bonny worked with the Laika Shamans in the Sacred Valley of Peru and is now blessed to work with the Shaman Healing Energies in her work.  She is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher and Certified in the Rites of the Munay Ki Healing Energies.  

Bonny has been working with the healing arts for many years, and has trained in Peru, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Taiwan, Rhode Island,  Virginia, New York State and New York City in various healing modalities.

Bonny has also worked with the Archangels, Angels, and Spirit Guides all of her life.  As a very young girl she had regular conversations with her Guides and the Angels around her.

Bonny's Mother was an loving, caring teacher who helped her to become aware of what was going on and assist her in her development.   As a child and young adult she was also fortunate to have the guiding hand of  Dr. Josephine Sponheimer in the understanding and growth that would lead her to realize more fully why we are here in this physical realm and what she was being given to understand and use to assist others.

As a young adult and adult, Bonny was often brought to people who would benefit from the mediumship she was able to share with them.  Over the years, Bonny has done Angel Card Readings, Spiritual Mediumship, Readings, and Intuitive Healings for hundreds of clients.  She also does long-distance Intuitive Healings and phone readings for those who are brought to her in her meditations and in personal requests.

It is Bonny's understanding from her Angels and Guides that guiding and aiding others to become aware of their full potential is part of her mission in this physical world this time.

Bonny has also studied with the Laika Shamans (medicine Men and Women) Alberto Villardo and teachers  in Peru, Jayne Feldman, Doreen Virtue, Linda Martin, Carol Cicacco, Carolyn Myss, Sharon Houlihan, Josephine Sponheimer and others over the years.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Karen Blaine October 25, 2012 Conversational Hypnotherapist, Speech Communications Degree

I am a professional, certified hypnotherapist from one of the top hypnotherapy schools in the world, the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists.  I specialize in conversational hypnotherapy.  This kind of therapy allows the conscious mind to integrate more fully with the subconscious level.  I believe this is the best method to help you succeed in overcoming your obstacles, and I provide a safe and trustworthy environment where we can explore and solve a number of personal challenges.

I also have an undergraduate degree in speech-communications from Cal State University, Northridge.  I have lived in Southern California all my life, and I have raised four wonderful children who have grown into amazing adults.  I am so very proud of them.

I have helped countless people in so many ways. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to do so. For me, helping others with hypnotherapy is a labor of love. I am quite passionate about what I do, and am always learning more.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Ernie Martin November 01, 2012 Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister, Job Coach, Volunteer Coordinator, Financial Counselor, Financial Analyst, Rescue Mission Volunteer

Reverend Ernie Martin is spiritual, understanding, warm, caring, flexible, interfaith non-denominational minister who will officiate the ceremonies that define your life.

Reverend Ernie received his MS Degree in Business Organizational Management. He is happily married, has two grown sons and three grandchildren.

Prior to ordination, Reverend Ernie worked in the non-profit sector as a Job Coach for adults with disabilities, a Volunteer Coordinator, and, as a Financial / Credit counselor. He volunteered as a phone hotline Lay Minister at a mega-church in Orange County, California. He also worked in a Fortune 500 Aerospace company as a Project Financial Analyst prior to his dedication to supporting non-profit organizations.

After ordination, Reverend Ernie volunteers at senior living centers conducting non-denominational services involving prayers, singing and sharing. He also has volunteered for and supports the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

Reverend Ernie was born and raised in a Christian family in India. He studied at a Methodist school for six years in South India. During his childhood in India, he and his family lived among many religious groups such as Hindus, Muslims, fellow Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs.

He emigrated to America at age 18 in 1964 shortly after high school graduation. Living in the Los Angeles area, he became a naturalized USA citizen in 1976. Reverend Ernie has learned extensively about other religions and belief systems through his personal studies. In America as an adult, he’s actively attended several churches including Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Unitarian and Meta-physical.

He was ordained by the Universal Life Church in January 2011. He’s developed an Interfaith ministry, which respects all loving religious and spiritual beliefs.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Mercedes Warrick November 08, 2012 Teacher, Guide, Consultant, Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Inner Evolutions Mentoring Facilitator, VP of Marketing, VP of Corporate Communications, Brand Gatekeeper, Entrepreneur, Business Developer

I am a teacher and guide that understands business, life and life changing transformation.  I have worked as an executive level consultant specializing in business, retail management, marketing, product development, branding & communications and now I combine the mastery of meditation, intuitive guidance & the principles of yoga and qi gong. I assist you to consciously create your  life  to align with your inner values.  It’s about loving the life you are living, all aspects of it, everyday in everyway, energizing Love….  Love 365.

Mercedes Warrick is a spiritual intuitive, speaker and leadership consultant. Over the past two years The Soul Inspired Tune Up®, her meditation and energy practice, has evolved through Spirit to become a guiding pathway to intuitive love aligned living for professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders. New this year is Visionscapes. She is facilitates inner evolutions mentoring your personal renaissance through Spirit,creativity and art.

As she sat down to write what she thought was going to be a book on using spiritual principles for business marketing. Spirit directed her to, “Teach this first.” The former corporate executive experienced an initiation; this evolution in mind-set and heart-set has brought Mercedes into new ways to align with and attune to Love. The Soul Inspired Tune Up is allowing spiritual professionals as well as people in transforming life change to stand with conviction and live the passion in their heart. Mercedes also assists with leading people to expansion and growth after traumatic experiences.

Mercedes served as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for the MARS Inc. Division Ethel M Chocolates. In that role she was the brand gatekeeper for Ethel M® Chocolates. The most agile and entrepreneurial company in the MARS portfolio, Ethel M Chocolates gourmet gift line included the traditional array of celebration collections for every seasonal holiday. For this multi-million dollar brand Mercedes directed packaging design, advertising, public relations strategy, crisis communication training, item rationalization and profitability. She had concept-to-consumer marketing, communication, product design and financial responsibility for the direction of this highly dynamic business.

Affirmations For Living Guest, Colette Lundy November 15, 2012 Founder of Harmony Pathways, Personal Development Strategist, Guide, Group Dynamic Facilitator, Personal Coach, Corporate Trainer, Reiki Master, Diversity Facilitator, Author

Colette 'IyaLe' Lundy is the founder of Harmony Pathways.  She is a spiritually based personal development strategist and guide.  She works with individuals and groups who are ready to embrace positive change and move to higher levels of effectiveness, satisfaction and joy in their lives.

She is a results focused, master weaver of gentle yet transformational experiences; a seasoned facilitator who utilizes her expertise in group dynamics, cultural diversity, personal coaching and corporate training to promote creative approaches to living and working.

Having spent many years studying with master healers of various cultural traditions, she is an adept guide, creating sacred space where all can witness their natural power and beauty.  Her ability to transform emotive topics into practical life experiences that we all share is uncanny.

Colette's work continues to evolve and she continues to study and be influenced by many of the world's great spiritual traditions.  She continues to deepen her personal understanding of Spirit and shares all that she discovers.

Colette believes in the healing power of community in our lives.  Her ideas are intuitively persuasive and provacative, yet gentle and supported by sound practical advice.  She is a Reiki Master, Certified Diversity Facilitator, Spiritual Empowerment Guide, Author, Wife and most precious to her....Mother.

And, so it is that many call her  IyaLe

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