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Robert Shapiro
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Guest Occupation
Trance Channel
Guest Biography

I've been a Professional Trance Channel for thirty four years, preceded by 6 to 7 years of study and practicing.  

I've been published in magazines and journals. For example, Spirit Speaks, Sedona Journal Of Emergence, various newspaper articles and from time to time television programs. I have over thirty five books in print.

I got into this work because I wanted to leave the world a better place for my having been here. That may sound a little corny but I know a lot of you feel exactly the same way. Oh I grant a call to Channeling may be out of the ordinary and certainly unconventional, nevertheless it is one of the things I do best and most benevolently.

Also I'm happy to say that I have been blessed with training that has guided me to be able to provide answers to questions and answers to feelings that are not always possible to express in questions. This has allowed me to incorporate the Shamanic and Mystical into my work and I feel honored and blessed to be able to provide that.

I feel very good about the books and magazine articles that I've been able to provide through Channeling and I hope you enjoy them as well. I wish to add a special greeting to those who have been following the creation of these books on and other places.

It is my intention to keep up the flow of these books with my Publisher who is also quite dedicated to the process.

I am hopeful you will continue to look upon these books as a worthy addition to your library of knowledge and wisdom and I am also hopeful that you will consider their value and try some of the processes described therein to empower you and to illuminate your own capabilities. I have attempted to provide these books in the best way I know how, to sketch out what I believe is our true value as human beings and our place in the universe.

I believe we are not struggling in some kindergarten - I believe that this is actually a school - yes an advanced school that requires that we prove to ourselves and others that we can, that we are able and that we have the best intents.