My Wildfire Recovery with Bill Daniels

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My Wildfire Recovery

My Wildfire Recovery with Bill Daniels
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Bill Daniels

Wildfires turn lives upside down, destroy communities and leave people struggling to rebuild lives. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with wildfire victims helping them overcome incredible loss and challenge.

My Wildfire Recovery visits with fire victims, fire professionals and recovery experts to explore life after wildland fire: the paths, the problems, the triumphs.

Join us as we form a stronger community rising from the ashes.

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Bill Daniels
Bill Daniels
Sherman Oaks
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Trial Lawyer

Bill Daniels and Will Daniels are trial lawyers and partners at Daniels Law, a West Coast powerhouse firm focusing on serious injury, insurance, employment and wildland fire law.

Representing wildland fire victims for more than a decade, the lawyers with Daniels Law are premiere advocates dedicated to quality, personalized representation.

Bill Daniels is a seasoned trial lawyer with multiple seven and eight figure verdicts. His firms claim total verdicts and settlements approaching $1 billion.

Will Daniels is a former United States Marine Corps JAG officer who clients treasure for his aggressive, compassionate legal style.

We are lawyers protecting you!


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