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Soleil is a new indie pop band from Bucharest. The song is produced by Studio 5 together with Robert Finariu and Stefania Tatu. Due to their passion for indie pop they are working already on their first EP, which will be called “Good Times”. It will include also the song “Start Again”. 
Stefania Tatu: Vocals, Lyricist

She is interested in baking and calligraphy, but music remains her one true passion. She performed in many cities in Romania, alongside “Teatrul de Revista Constantin Tanase” in a national tour and also on several European stages. She recently started writing her own songs which led her to discover a new side of her artistic abilities, and now she is enthusiastically working on the band’s EP.

Robert Finariu: Guitarist, Producer and Composer at Studio 5

He enjoys blues and indie pop, has worked on many musical project as a guitar player and composer. Recently he decided to concentrate more on musical production, thus creating the song “Start Again”.