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Excitement is in the air here at Platinum Planet Records because we are the first to bring to the airwaves of the United States SIX & ONE a band fresh out of Europe. Once in a while a band comes along to shake things up, to add a little bit of spice to what is already oh so nice. Introducing Marius Ostanski and Izabela Beata Ryback the dynamic duo from Lublin, Poland who can do just that. Combining the dark mystique of Marius and the fiery spirit of Izabela proves that opposites really do attract. With Grammy nominated Marius on his bass and the beautiful Izabela on her cello both put their musical styles together to create something out of this world. The result, the release "BET ON ME", is a retro sound with a modern edge sure to set the airwaves on fire. It is filled with the outpouring of their souls and it is their sincere wish that this album inspires everyone to follow their dreams. It isn't often that two very different people are able to come together and combine their musical talents to make magic.

We welcome any airplay you might give this song and are so sure you will that I am asking, so that I can get to you as soon as possible, for you to call or text me, Laura Moore, @ 984-989-2758 rather than email for any interviews or airplay for this new release.  We also give you gratis rights to use enclosed graphic and to print these lyrics on all your websites and social media outlets. As of Valentine's Day 2019 this song is available for download on all musical outlets.

I thank you for your time and know I will be hearing from you soon, you can bet on it!

Sincerely yours,

Laura Moore, Platinum Planet Records

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PS: The president of Platinum Planet Record's Justin Peters ' good friend Bob Dylan only got his music played on a dare....are you brave enough for a dare???