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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 12 September 2018
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Not Quite Ruston
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Not Quite Ruston is a family band that performs an eclectic mix of genres. Ztorus Jo, is a singer/songwriter who is currently writing the band's originals for their upcoming album. She has worked as a professional singer since 2000. Her husband, Steven, is the music director and producer. He is a full time piano player in partnership with Steven Jr on the drums. For over twenty years, he has worked in the music world. Jr, aka O'na (Others Need Appreciation), is the son of Ztorus Jo and Steven. His drumming career started at nine years of age. Together, this family seeks to provide insight and great entertainment to those who attend their shows. Besides making music, they endeavor to be an example in the community by demonstrating the positivity that ensues when families work together.