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Noel Smyth


I hope you’re all doing well during these crazy times.  My name is Noel Smyth and I'm a performing, songwriting musician originally from a town outside New Haven, CT.  I have played in and around the Boston area for the past decade or so where I also teach English Language Arts to seventh and eighth graders. I just finished my fourth full-length album, 'Sugar Suspension'; a collection of 13 of my original songs.  This work includes a vast array of unique musicians living in and around the New England area.  Here is a link to a Boston Globe story about my music and my career!

Something I worked so hard on came out in April despite not having a show to promote it (unless my already rescheduled August 1st show at The Midway or August 13th show at The Burren capriciously and miraculously happen).  My music isn’t red or blue; it’s American.  I have songs on there about my love for New England, my daughter, songs of my suffering, songs of being merry, and songs where I just try to emulate Allen Ginsburg’s stream of consciousness.  Here is a link to a review in the MetroWest Daily News of my new album, "Sugar Suspension"!!

I know you guys are super busy, but if you get a chance, I’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music.  I genuinely believe it will be a great fit for your station.  Read a Redline Roots Review that features one of my singles in their series, ‘Singled Out’ Here!!

If there’s any information I’m leaving out please let me know.  My music can be found virtually in any online music store.  If you’d prefer a physical CD, just let me know.  Otherwise, here are my WAV files as well as links to various locations where you can listen to my music and read about (potential) upcoming events.

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Track List: “Sugar Suspension”

  1. Beautiful Curse
  2. Feed the Spark
  3. East Coast
  4. Destination
  5. Funny Feeling
  6. Rock n’ Roll, Noel
  7. Brief Flashes of Love
  8. I Am
  9. Still Tryin’
  10. Stroller Ride
  11. Lucy
  12. Con Man
  13. Such a Loser (lyrics violate FCC regulations on this track only)


Noel Smyth