Music Submission, The Moon and You

Artist or Band Name: 
The Moon and You


I am writing to you in hopes of booking folk Americana duo, The Moon and You, at The Musician  for August or November of 2018.  They are based in Asheville NC, USA in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the South.  The Moon and You tours the States and Western Europe.  This will be their 5th tour of Europe.

 At its core The Moon and You is a charismatic husband-and-wife team. Melissa Hyman plays cello, Ryan Furstenberg plays guitar and banjo, and both sing in “voices that sound like they were made for one another” (Bill DeYoung, Connect Savannah).  Together, the two form a sound that is warm and inviting, atmospheric and playful. Each is a well developed songwriter with a distinctive voice, and their songs range in style from classic to quirky. Lyrics-driven and intellectual with a keen ear for arrangement, they make music perfectly suited to a listening room or a pair of good headphones.  

 We would love to have The Moon and You be a part of this coming year's line-up.


Bella Goldberg

LMNO Management
“With The Moon and You’s latest release, an eight-song album entitled Endless Maria, the world has received a mature and self-assured piece of art…[A] distinct and beautifully arranged collection of songs… that demand to be taken seriously at the same time they achieve a cumulative levity, a disarming buoyancy. It’s refreshing to hear a band that’s able to be serious without taking itself—or the world—too seriously.”

      —Alex McWalters, Asheville Grit. April 2017. 
“A White Light that Sings…is a kind of world within a world. A dream within a dream. Each of the 11 songs is its own delightfully weird fiction…[with] shivery moments of sweetness and magic…a glimpse into stories, moods and wonderful alternate realities — all set to an evocative score.”

      Alli Marshall, Mountain Xpress. May 6, 2016.

“[M]usic you can prance around the house to, lay in someone’s loving arms to, drive down the country road with or take on a road trip and listen to. Their harmonies soar or zoom; natural and instinctive. Melodies like swooping birds or airplane glides and sometimes like carnival rides. Their lyrics like organically grown vegetables in the backyard, the roots of their varied rhythms played with no false hopes or pretenses. You’ll hear waltzes, two-steps, campfire strumming guitars, fingerpicking folk style, and you might envision ballerinas, tap and freestyle dancers. Ahhh, it’s just what you need.”

      —Peggy Ratusz, WNC Woman. February 2016.