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Jeremiah James

Jeremiah James is a 26-year old, solo-acoustic-act currently based in Orange County, CA. James grew up in Colorado Springs where he picked up his first guitar at the age of 14. He dabbled with learning popular songs, but never saw the path to make it his own craft until he moved out to California in 2018. This was where he found a local mentor who revealed the path he’d need to take to become an artist. Now he’s found his feet as a singer/songwriter who’s discovered purpose and love in the music he makes as well as the joy it creates. His debut EP - Render is a dreamy, acoustic love-story that encompasses all the sensations we feel falling in and out of love. It’s an authentic record, told in a first-person narrative that allows the audience to step right into the artist’s shoes and experience the emotions he felt as the journey unfolded... all the way from the magnetic feeling of finding that mutually meaningful connection, to the painful heartache of having no other choice than to let go of it. Render is an EP that paints a vivid picture of the emotional roller-coaster ride that love can be.