Music Submission, Donnie Dynamite

Artist or Band Name: 
Donnie Dynamite

Donnie was born on an icy ridge south of the South Pole. His love for music developed at an early age. There was not much more to life than creaking ice and howling seals. But that all changed when he found an abandoned mp3 player. Donnie learned to speak and he breathed melodies. Dancing Queen, Don't Stop me Now, Camarillo Brillo, Billy Jean, London Calling...

Calling? London? London!

Donnie kissed his home goodbye, saddled up his seahorse and set course for London.

There's a rhythm, a melody everywhere. Donnie taps his feet along the sound of passing trains, he crinkles his sandwich wrapper in time while he sings along to the lady rapping about the gap. He finds fellow musicians and plays them his tracks asking them to join him. Donnie eventually starts to look beyond London, and encounters fantastic like minded artists. It takes Donnie years to finally finish his first track, but he does so with amazing musicians that put in spectacular performances. He is proud, he is proud to present... Challenge!

The concept for Challenge was recorded in a tiny bedroom in the UK. It didn’t become the song it is now until years later. By the time it started taking its final shape, it had travelled to bedroom studios in the Netherlands, Germany and Czech Republic. Fantastic musicians left their marks on it, resulting in the mix of 60s pop and electronica it is today.