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Dali is a charming man, with an enigmatic look and a persuasive voice.

Of Tunisian origins, even before becoming a musician he was a freelance DJ constantly moving between Canada, France and Italy.

Born in 1978, Dali is happily married and lives in Italy, in Emilia Romagna for many years.

He began his first musical experiences in Montreal, where he worked alongside internationally renowned professionals and DJs in the clubs of the great Canadian metropolis.

DALI - the musical style

Dali's musical style is a mix of pop, hip-hop, contemporary R&B, rap, world. His texts are

written in Italian, French, Arabic and English, thus bringing a novelty to the music market. His songs

they come from the soul, they are sentimental and they have themes like family, life, various problems

social, immigration.

The songs he writes are inspired by his life experiences. However, his songs are written so

that anyone can be in his texts.