Living Your Souls Journey with Dr Vikki

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Talk Radio Show Program

Living Your Souls Journey

Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke
Show Host: 
Vikke Ford

Welcome to Living Your Souls Journey with Vikke Ford

Soul Seekers if you are looking to rebuild your life after a divorce, oppressive relationship/group or simply having a soul wake up call, this is your show. Dr. Vikke inspires you to recreate your life in abundance. Real life guidance to help you answer your Souls Calling. Asking the right questions can be so helpful. Vikke shares her intuition, coaching skills and experience to create the perfect career and life experiences just for you! Call in for immediate insights to help you on YOUR Souls Journey. Dr. Vikke has been a part of BBS for nearly 7 years and is so happy to be back. Feel free to listen or call in at 4 Pacific time; 7 EST; Station 1, to hear real life guidance from a former divorce attorney, PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Ordained Spiritual Minister. Vikke's mission is to inspire you in Living YOUR Souls Journey. (Don't be surprised if she slips in a psychic Angel message in there as well.)

Weekly Show
Station 1
4:00 pm PT
4:55 pm PT

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Girl Talk with Rev. Rose and Rev. Vikke, September 20, 2015 with Dr. Vikke
Living Your Soul's Journey: Living it and Learning How to Know if you are on YOUR Soul's Journey!, September 13, 2015 with Dr. Vikke


Talk Show Program Host

Living Your Souls Journey with Vikke Ford Vikke Ford: Soul Psychology, Professional Coach: Transformational Consulting United States Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Vikke Ford
Certified Professional Coach, Career Coach, Attorney, Transpersonal Psychologist, Ordained Spiritual Minister

Dr. Vikke is a Transformational Counselor/Coach/Advisor.  Her practice is based on the belief that you are not just a person but a soul on a path of evolution. Once you learn why things happen, then your life can become free and abundant.  Getting to the root issue of a life problem can change your life forever.

Truly understanding the spiritual laws is a specialty.  Having been an attorney for over 26 years, she knows that laws affect us whether we know them, use them correctly or are ignorant of them.  The Spiritual Laws exist on their on terms.

Dr. Vikke gives insights, guidance and simple steps to help make your life easier and happier.  The show airs each Saturday at 7 EST.  You can call in and ask questions or listen in for information on living your souls journey.

You can contact Dr. Vikke at and can visit her virtual office at

Vikke is a licensed attorney, Transpersonal Psychologist, Ordained Minister and Professional Coach.  

Be sure and order these books by Vikke on Amazon!

Angel Anya’s Adventures: Angel Anya’s Magic Heart: a book about my beautiful daughter. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Heart’s Justice: Compassion and the Game of Law: a book about learning to resolve divorce in peace. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Please apply for a Spiritual Law Consulting Session  by visiting our Contact Page.

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