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Do you feel stuck, like something is blocking your success… keeping you from moving forward in your relationships, finances, career and/or your health?

Are sadness, regret or guilt coloring your life?

Do you want more clarity and joy?

Health, Wealth and Happiness Can Be Yours!

MarBeth Dunn, the Miracle Mama, shares how you can unleash the power of MIRACLES in your life!

You'll also hear guest experts each week as we bring you...

Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness gurus for your health

Wealth and financial experts for wealth creation

Relationship gurus for honest, loving connections

Money, beauty, health and spiritual connections, too you really CAN have it ALL!

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Guest Name, Shirlene Reeves

Shirlene Reeves
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Thank you for viewing my information.  I am an int'l speaker, author and one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the U.S. that is trained to speak on business and university campuses. I specialize in teaching small business owners how to increase their business income through easy and authentic sales techniques developed over 28 years. 

I bootstrapped my business from zero to millions with 23,000 across the nation working under me and now coach and train small business owners on how to develop massive visibility for massive income.  There are 3 reasons why Bloomberg reports that 18 out of 20 businesses fail in 18 months and I'd be happy to share how to be one of the 2% that wins.

Lets talk finance, sales or business.  I'm all in.

I look forward to connecting with you.



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Shirlene Reeves is a Certified Financial Educator, Int’l speaker, author and TV/ radio show host who speaks about easy financial principles & specializes in educating coaches and entrepreneurs on the secret formula for transforming their businesses and massively increasing income by selling with heart & Massive Visibility.

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