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Honor Your Pet

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Honor Your Pet is a talk radio show covering all things which honor our pets and our relationship with them. These include innovative and holistic pet care topics as well as addressing the difficult, but honorable end-of-life times and healing grief from pet loss. The underlying focus is how we can best care for our pets and ourselves as pet parents.

Honor Your Pet recognizes that pets ARE our family and honors all they give.

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Guest, Maia Kincaid

Guest Name
Maia Kincaid
Maia Kincaid
Guest Occupation
Author, Animal Communicator, Transformational Coach, Nature Communicator
Guest Biography

As a child Maia spent much of her time living in the world of nature, communicating with animals, plants, insects and the earth. Being highly sensitive she felt the emotional and physical well being of the humans and animals around her.

When a dear friend was challenged with a health problem Maia had an intimate understanding and sense of what this was like. Apart from viewing the physical body she was able to feel the emotions that were stored and see how they contributed to the physical challenges.She literally felt the discomfort, which propelled her into a journey of self discovery to understand what she was feeling. She also came to realize that she could receive information from people and animals from all parts of the planet, without having previously met them or having them in her presence.

The desire to understand these gifts and the responsibilities involved, perhaps inspired her great interest over the years in holistic wellness, in particular how to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

During these formative years, Maia adopted wild horses and burros and utilized her communication abilities and principles of nature and energy to work with them in a manner of comfort, cooperation and mutual respect with great success. Her mother would often look out the window with amazement to see her ride by on one of the new arrivals.

As a teenager, Maia was particularly moved by the books, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale, and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.. At sixteen she began an experiment working with a young horse and herself. The goal was to take her horse from the back yard to the national championships utilizing The Power of Positive Thinking as a guide.

This goal might seem unrealistic and impossible, especially with the fact that at the time Maia had very little experience showing or training horses. She had only been to the national championships once herself, but she was very determined and wanted to see if this could really work. Maia was diligent in changing her manner of thinking and her use of energy in thinking about the goal, and in working with her horse in her training and preparation.

The following year, at seventeen, Norman Vincent Peale’s then tattered book traveled with her throughout all the preparation to their first championship, and ultimately to the national championships in Kentucky where she succeeded in surprising her parents and the audience with the success of an unknown horse, and an unknown rider/trainer. This achievement and the determination behind this accomplishment continue to be an inspiration and some of the same principles help her clients accomplish their goals and fulfill their dreams today!

Maia chose the field of holistic nutrition to deepen her understanding about the power of humans to create environments and lives that not only nurture themselves, but also align with the highest good for all life. Maia was awarded a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition in 1996. Having completed her formal education in holistic nutrition, Maia felt passionate about sharing what she had learned. In addition to carrying on her animal communication practice, she devoted six years to counseling teenagers from various backgrounds instilling the unlimited potential of humans to experience the fulfillment and satisfaction of achieving their goals. Maia came to understand that fulfillment in life is generated primarily by an attitude or manner of relating with oneself. This primary relation serves as the foundation for well-being, contentment and relations with others, and the environment.

With Maia's sincere desire to make a difference and her joy in encouraging others to their success she discovered her own sense of purpose and realized her talent as a mentor and coach in life. In addition to her work in communication with animals, Maia, has twelve years of life mentoring experience. She delights in working with clients to build lifestyles of balance, including the essential elements for fulfillment, giving rise to passion for life itself. Maia lived in the Galapagos Islands, Andes Mountains and The Amazon rain forest for two and a half years, from 1999 to 2002. In the Amazon she had the opportunity to live in a remote region with a tribe of nearly extinct indigenous peoples. During this time in South America she enjoyed communicating with the native peoples, amazing creatures, and the plants of these regions.

Maia is a talented artist, as well as a writer. Maia has three new books. Maia encourages clients to listen to the life around them, including plants, animals, insects and the earth. She believes that we all have the gifts to listen, to live naturally with ease and grace, and she empowers clients with how to do this.