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Guest, Kathryn Thomas

Guest Name
Kathryn Thomas
Guest Occupation
Executive Director of Yoga 4 Change, and Navy veteran
Guest Biography

Kathryn Thomas is the Executive Director of Yoga 4 Change located in Florida, as well as the CEO of ANAMAR Environmental Consulting, Inc.   After serving in the United States Navy as a helicopter pilot, she began studying to become a Yoga teacher through the Yoga School of Kailua.  Upon moving to Jacksonville, Florida, she witnessed the need for mental, emotional, and physical healing in her new community and started Yoga 4 Change to fill that void.  Kathryn has training in multiple disciplines including Power Yoga, Chair Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.  Kathryn formerly served on the board of the Yoga Service Council, where she worked as the project manager and contributed to two of the Best Practice Book Series: Yoga with Veterans, and Yoga in the Criminal Justice System.   In her new role as the CEO of ANAMAR, Kathryn is focusing on the business development of the company, while taking the administrative duties off the shoulders of the technical staff.  Kathryn resides in Florida with her husband, daughter and their 2 Labrador Retrievers.