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Guest, Douglas Vermeeren

Guest Name
Douglas Vermeeren
Douglas Vermeeren, producer, writer, director, stuntman
Guest Occupation
producer, writer, director, stuntman
Guest Biography

Douglas Vermeeren has been cast in the role of Piers Rothschild in the horror feature film Big Cats set to start shooting in London, England this Spring 

Actor Douglas Vermeeren has a busy year ahead with leading roles in feature films shooting in England, the USA, Canada, and the Philippines. Douglas is one of the most determined talents in the entertainment business as a producer, writer, director, and stuntman.  On his premiere cover, Hollywood Weekly calls him “Cinemas New Bad Boy” It is hard to keep up with all the acting roles that Vermeeren has lined up for 2023.

First up, Douglas has booked the leading role as Piers Rothschild in the feature film Big Cats with producer Chris Sanders set to shoot in London, England this spring. Big Cats lead character Ichabod Price played by John-Paul Gates (The Howling, Haunted), a respected cryptozoologist, decides to shoot a documentary about alleged panther sightings in the English countryside, he soon discovers more than just big cats lurking in the woods. Other cast members include William Marshall and Amanda Himsworth.

Also filming in London over this summer Douglas takes on the role of one of the leads as an Eagle Squadron pilot Donald “Donny” for Royal Flush Productions in the feature film Paradox directed by Richard Colton in the feature film Paradox.  This sci-fi thriller is about a 1940 covert military operation ready to stop a secret Nazis weapon. The inexplicable happens when they find themselves arriving in a Nazi-occupied future in London. How will they survive this future and return to the past to set the events of history right?


Douglas also plays Samuel Finch, the Hitman in the feature film How to Be a Hitman 101 for Coin Laundry Films set to have a 2023 release worldwide.


As a producer and director, Douglas Vermeeren is behind five of the top personal development documentaries and several mainstream action, horror, and thriller films. He is considered one of the more diverse producers today.


As a stuntman Douglas has performed some of the most remarkable stunts including hanging out of helicopters, jumping from high-speed motorcycles, falling and jumping from high buildings and bridges, running through the midst of fire and explosions, and incredible gunplay.

Douglas is a unique celebrity among the actors of today. He started as an actor at a young age appearing for the first time in a children’s show at the age of 5. this first TV appearance was his first introduction to media. “From the beginning,” Vermeeren shares, “I was always attracted to film and television. I knew that I would have a career in this industry.”


One could certainly say the same thing about the roles that Douglas Vermeeren has chosen to portray over the years. He has played a variety of genres and equally as diverse a number of roles. He has truly demonstrated his range as an actor portraying deeply emotional and profound characters to action heroes.


Most recently Douglas is the lead in an experimental film entitled Recreating 1912. The goal of this film was to recreate the look and feel of a vintage silent film from the early days of movies. “In those early days they had to be highly innovative and imaginative,” Douglas states, “They were very much inventing the film industry. Even still photography was new – motion picture was cutting edge.” One of the most intriguing elements to Douglas was the recreation of some of the stunt sequences in this project. “I have always been a fan of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. They did some incredible things without the safety equipment we have today. We had to be very clever in how we recreated some of these daring moments.”


Keep your eyes out for this rising star, Douglas is destined to become a celebrity to remember for this generation


Doug Vermeeren is available for interviews and photos upon request.