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Honor Your Pet

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L Leigh Meriweather

Honor Your Pet is a talk radio show covering all things which honor our pets and our relationship with them. These include innovative and holistic pet care topics as well as addressing the difficult, but honorable end-of-life times and healing grief from pet loss. The underlying focus is how we can best care for our pets and ourselves as pet parents.

Honor Your Pet recognizes that pets ARE our family and honors all they give.

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Guest, Cindy Smith

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Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith
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Animal Communicator
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Cindy Smith, Animal Communicator
Deepening the connections between people and animals.

I facilitate communication between people and the animals in their lives. The easiest way to think of it is to imagine you are speaking one language and your animal is speaking another. I act as a translator between the two of you. My goal is to deepen the connection through mutual respect, compassion and communication.

Communication seems to be one of the major themes of my life. I have a Masters in Education from the University of Northern Colorado. I’ve been a counselor in the mental health field and a teacher in the high school setting.

I worked with developmentally disabled adults for 14 years, many of whom had limited communication skills. They helped me develop my empathetic and telepathic skills as we worked together to communicate. I also worked as a high school teacher for years and found teens to be another misunderstood group. They taught me to listen deeply and not make assumptions based solely on behavior. They showed me great strength and heart in the face of difficult histories, as do many of the animals I meet. Often I find problems between animals and people to be simple misunderstandings.

I draw on these experiences, combined with 35 years of meditation practice in my work with animals. Recently, I’ve begun using sports performance training with people who team with their animals in competitive events. The combination of communication with your animal, and mentally preparing for the event yourself, can often improve performance for both of you!

Since communication is telepathic I don’t need to be in the presence of the animal or person. I work by phone or email with people all over the world.