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Guest, Bradley Stryker

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Bradley Stryker
Bradley Stryker
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Bradley Stryker gains industry praise for compelling role in Sheltering Season

Bradley is up against his Sheltering Season co-star (and real-life wife) Caitlin Stryker for next awards run

VANCOUVER, BC - NOVEMBER 2023 - It’s been an exciting year for acclaimed multi-talented writer, director and actor Bradley Stryker. With over 50 awards to his name and an additional 33 nominations, he continues to gain industry accolades for his compelling performance in the thriller Sheltering Season.

Sheltering Season is a poignant exploration of mental health issues which follows Lilly (Caitlin Stryker), who finds herself isolated in her remote home with her half-brother (Bradley Stryker) who is seeking forgiveness for the darkest moment in their family history.

Bradley continues to make waves across the entertainment industry with a number of recent projects showcasing his versatility in a range of roles in feature films and television series.

He recently wrapped filming for The Order, featuring A-list stars Jude Law and Nicolas Hoult. A true story about a notorious white supremacist group, Stryker embodies Sam Stinson in the film, a survivalist and ex-military expert.

Elsewhere in non-fiction film projects, Bradley played the captivating character Sheriff Wilkins in Devil in Ohio, (another Leo nomination for Best Supporting Actor Television Series), which held the number one spot on Netflix last fall, making it a noteworthy addition to his repertoire.

And he continues to show his ability to delve into complex characters as another thriller-driven antagonist, Sterling, in Paramount Pictures, Crawlspace, which is a top 10 film worldwide on Netflix’ international slate (another Leo Award nomination, this time against himself for Best Lead Actor in a Motion Picture).

His recent Film/TV success includes roles in Searchlight Pictures, Magazine Dreams; Lifetime’s How She Caught a Killer; and Paramount Pictures, Mercy, Disquiet, Dangerous Game, and the upcoming release of Vindicta (all on Paramount Plus and/or Showtime).

With an extensive career spanning over 100 roles, Bradley's dedication to his craft is evident. Notable collaborations include working with Liam Neeson, John Voight, Cole Hauser, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Ryes Meyers, Jurnee Smollett, and Johnathan Majors, among others.

Bradley's talent has not gone unnoticed, with an impressive 55 industry awards to his name.

Apart from his thriving career, he is actively involved in non-profit initiatives, having participated in the Big Brother Little Brother program and the AIDS lifecycle bike ride from San Francisco to LA.

Follow Bradley Stryker's journey and stay updated on his latest projects through his official website and