Featured Guest, April Humphrey May 1, 2021

Candidates Platform

Candidates Platform with Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic
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Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic

Our mission is to make it easier and affordable for citizens to run for local, county, and state offices, and to connect voters to candidates in a new way.

Democracy is for those who are involved, they are the citizens who lead us into the future, whether it is for the state legislature, Mayor's office, city council or school board. We believe if you don't get involved, you give your power to those who will.

In 2020 and 2021 we will be seeking funding through grants, crowdfunding and donations. We believe that Candidates Platform will be able to help take the money out of politics, take the fear out of running and bring all information needed for the voter to form an educated opinion, all on one platform.

The key to a true democracy is an educated voter not one who guesses in the voting booth. Candidates Platform gives easy access 24/7 for voters to know the candidate and to Know Your Vote.

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Saturday, May 01, 2021 07:00 pm

Guest, April Humphrey

Guest Name: 
April Humphrey
April Humphrey
Guest Occupation: 
Vice Chair of the Yarmouth Town Council
Guest Biography: 

April Humphrey is Vice Chair of the Yarmouth Town Council and is serving in her second term as a Town Councilor.  She has lived in Yarmouth with her family for 8 years and works as an early childhood educator.