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Guest Name
Yousef Awyan
Guest Occupation
Widom Keeper, Teacher, Stone Mason, Artist, Musician, KSAM Co-Director, Sculptor, Carver, Teacher, Researcher, Egyptian Historian
Guest Biography

Yousef Abd'el Hakim Awyan; Wisdom Keeper, Teacher, Stone Mason, Artist, Musician and KSAM Co-Director

The seventh son of eleven children, Yousef Awyan, known to us as the "Space Holder", grew up listening avidly to his father, world renowned Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, Abd'El Hakim Awyan, talk about the mysteries and wonders of ancient Khemit. Sharing his passion, he honors his father's memory by carrying on the tradition of sharing the secrets of this very sacred indigenous wisdom. Utilizing this wisdom combined with his own studies, Yousef integrates much of this knowledge into his daily life, and is a gifted artist, sculptor and musician.

He met and married his wife, Patricia in 2008, and divides his time between carving sculptures, creating and playing music, and interacting with visitors from all over the world. Yousef is devoted to revealing, researching and teaching the amazing truths of Egypt's and our collective heritage.

During our KSAM Wisdom Journeys, Yousef shares his knowledge, assisting people to broaden their vision of the history of Egypt, citing the evidence of the superior intelligence, spirituality and technologies of the people who once inhabited ancient Khemit. As an accomplished musician, Yousef's keen ear for sound frequencies and tone, enable him to tune in and activate the powerful, transformative and healing energies of many of the sacred areas and chambers found at the monuments and temples throughout Egypt.