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Guest Name
Vicki Cody
Guest Occupation
Award-winning Author, Army Wife, Fly Safe
Guest Biography

Vicki Cody's journals the selflessness and sacrifices families make for their military members. She also illuminates the roller coaster of stress, loneliness, sleepless nights, humor, joys, and, eventually, resilience that make up her life while her husband is away at war.


When Vicki Cody got married 46 years ago, she also became wedded to the Army. In fact, her marriage has been inseparable from the military. She has spent her adult life supporting her family of soldiers and penned two award-winning books –Army Wife and Fly Safe – that help tell the story of what she and millions of army spouses and parents face when their loved ones go off to serve their country thousands of miles away. An author, speaker, and relentless military family advocate, Vicki is on a mission to help those who support our selfless service members.


Vicki, who also penned a manual for the Association of the United States Army, Your Soldier, Your Army: A Family Guide, that has been distributed to over a half-million families, luckily has always welcomed home her husband, two sons, and daughter-in-law who also has served. But she cautions that not everyone makes it home alive or in one piece, physically or psychologically.


“Families live in fear of the late-night call or knock at the door to deliver bad news,” says Vicki. “I know many friends who have lost sons and daughters to the battlefield. My books provide an authentic, insightful, and heartfelt look at those who are the backbone for our soldiers.”