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Guest Name
Veila Hernandez
Veila Hernandez
Guest Occupation
Pet Psychic, Animal Telepathist, Intuitive Energy Healer
Guest Biography

I am an Animal Telepathist and Intuitive Energy Healer.

My dream is to help humans & animals balance their energy, elevate their vibrations, & live in harmony & in peace with the self & each other.

In the 35 plus years that I’ve established deep connections with animals, I have come to realize that the gifts that animals and nature bring to humans are lessons of wisdom for humans to evolve from being controlled by their emotions to becoming emotionally sovereign. Animals and nature are a helping hand to humans in climbing a sometimes steep mountain of life where at the top is equanimity, and essentially happiness, joy, and bliss.

While growing up under my mother’s care, we adopted many cats and dogs from off the streets, and fell in love with each one of their personalities. During this time, we also experienced many pet health and behavioral challenges and there were times we found ourselves wondering what our pets felt about certain situations, why they have a specific behavioral issues, or how much are they suffering due to illness or injury. We also found ourselves facing emotional challenges when it came to multiple pet-health crisis. Later, as an adult working towards my Master’s degree in Psychological Research, my cat Onyx became severally ill. Not knowing why she was behaving oddly all of a sudden, or how much she was suffering due to her illness, I felt helpless, frustrated, guilty, and depressed. Finding myself at the mercy of western veterinarian medicine, while paying for expensive test and still not finding the answer to the problem, and with limitations in solutions such as expensive medication, additional testing and even euthanasia, I felt even more powerless, angry, and hopeless. At night, I would go to bed worried, scared, and wondering if she was still going to be alive in the morning. When I woke up , I would go to school depressed and felt guilty because if she passed, I may not be there to say goodbye. I endured an enormous amount of stress and I began to realize the importance of my emotions and how they affect my health and everyone around me, including my cats, Onyx and her sister Cleo, who is still with me today.

Shortly thereafter and thousands of dollars later, Onyx passed due to late stages in kidney failure. Although, I was at school, my wonderful husband, her dad, was there with her and provided her comfort and held her paw until he knew she had crossed the rainbow bridge. After this, I made a decision that this was the last time I would endure such a devastating experience. With my background in psychological research and a focus in brain and behavior, learning theories, and statistics, I had an insight about the abilities that everyone of us have, and just like every ability that we have, we just need to strengthen it by practicing. I invested in resources in alternative medicine that helped me strengthen this power within me to help myself and my pets.

After 2 years, I’ve participated in and validated over 200 cases in animal telepathy, medical intuition, and intuitive energy healing. Now, I provide pet caretakers stress relief and support by getting a sense of the source of pet health issues, acting out and suffering, or an understanding of how their pet feels about a situation, while often saving the pet caretaker huge vet bills, and restoring the harmony and love between pet and caretaker.

With the use of a combination of modalities such as Chakra balancing, Scalar Wave Healing, Psychic Surgery, Ho'oponopono prayer, and Remote Acupressure, I am able to provide guidance for the animal's body (and the caretaker’s body, when needed) to release blocked emotions so the body can do the job that it is meant to do which is self-heal.

The energy that humans carry within their thoughts and emotions directly impacts our physical and spiritual bodies, our animals and even nature as a whole. If you are reading this, I want to acknowledge you for your strength and determination to continue climbing up the mountain of life, while being conscious and curious to all the helping hands we encounter a long this path. For without the acceptance of the help from our pets and animals in this world, humans would be even less conscious to our ability of harmony and peace with the self and each other.