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Tristan Bliss
Tristan Bliss
Guest Occupation
CEO - GIC - Global Inbound Closers, 2X Author
Guest Biography

Essential Growth Through The Pain of Abuse:  The Rise of Tristan Bliss

As a child Tristan grew up with alcoholism and violence. Violence her mother endured and she and her siblings witnessed, as well as violence, emotional and mental abuse from her mother toward her and her siblings. She has now turned around a series of custody battles, court cases and fleeing for safety to founding GIC - Global Inbound Closers, creating a way for overtaxed entrepreneurs to access trained Sales Teams to service their inbound calls and for women to have an income source which allows them the freedom to make the best choices for their life and their family, with financial freedom.

"This behavior was a common thread in my life in my own relationships in various ways that was directed at me into my adult years.

The end came in 2018 when my ex-husband mentally and psychologically tormented myself and my children to the point that I reacted in violence against him and lost everything, including my son. It was a battle for two years to finally have my son back in my care. The emotional and mental battle that ensued was relentless. Dealing with courts, custody and pleading for someone to finally listen to me, paid off. I refused to surrender to narcissistic abuse and having my child used as a pawn in a game.


So I directed all my efforts on rebuilding my life and re-establishing myself after losing everything and being close to homelessness. The turning point happened in August of 2020 when I was finally able to have my son back with me and we started to rebuild a new life that was honest, healthy and loving.

On December 4th, 2020 GIC was born. And my quest to help other women living in the same circumstances became a reality."

Now the Author of  2 books: "Financial Feathers From Heaven: Rebound from Trauma to Personal & Financial ABUNDANCE!" and "Your Childhood Zillionaire", Tristan is building out her vision to serve clients while creating financial freedom for women, as the Founder of GIC-Global Inbound Closers.

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