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Guest Name
Thomas Vanacore
Thomas Vanacor
Guest Occupation
Founder of Rock Dust Local
Guest Biography

In the late 1980's the founder of Rock Dust Local, Thomas Vanacore, was introduced to soil remineralization as a viable local alternative to conventional fertilizers and soil amendments with benefits extending to global concerns such as climate change. The idea is that by revitalizing the earth's green mantle acre by acre atmospheric carbon can be captured, reversing rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions; Local action and global benefit. Being a mason and stone carver by trade Tom had extensive experience working with rocks and minerals and years of experience with mines and quarry operations. This and Tom's connection to the early revival of organic farming  in Vermont set things in motion. 

In 1991 Tom decided to try his hand at starting a small business sourcing and delivering local rock dusts to regional farms. This would be a first step to introduce remineralization to area growers.  But as Tom says "I couldn't give it away". But times have changed.  25 years later, after continual work with rock dusts in organic farming himself, and building up a network supply of regional sources, Tom and Joan, his wife and partner of over 15 years, decided to try again.  Rock Dust Local set up shop at a local Farmers Market in Vermont hawking 5 and 10 lb. bags of "Local Rocks for Local Crops".  "I literally had to stand out in front of the table and call people in, like an old fish monger." That's how it got restarted in 2010.  From there Rock Dust Local began delivering rock dust in bulk to regional growers interested in nutrient dense farming,  many of these growers learning from experienced farmers and educators like Dan Kittredge, Gary Zimmer and Eliot Coleman.  Building the website and store came about by people calling up for information and bags of rock dust. And the story has just begun.


Rock Dust Local was established as the first company in North America specializing in local and regional sourcing of rock dust for remineralization.  We are the largest distributor of regionally sourced rock dust and a growing presence in the field of agrominerals.  This is still a small business. We like to work directly with our customers.  Our mission remains the same; to revitalize the earth's green mantle one acre at a time. We support local agriculture by providing the BEST rock dusts, fixed carbon and biological companion materials through sustainable and responsible business practices with a dedication to affordability, quality and localization. We believe biologic management practices can provide a major solution to the growing problem of climatic instability by sustainably capturing carbon as well as reversing the decline in nutritional value and yields in commercial agriculture.  We believe family farms are the future strength of the land.

To quote William Albrecht "May rocks their silence break and speak nationally through a better knowledge of soil for food as the basis of national health and thereby a national strength for the prevention of war and for the simplest road to peace. Our future national strength must rest in our soils."- The Albrecht Papers, Vol.I