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Guest Name
Tana Newberry
Tana Newberry
Guest Occupation
Experiencer, MILAB, Author, NDE, Contactee, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Development Coach
Guest Biography

Tana Newberry survived a near death experience in 2002. In that moment she realized the ability to channel, saving her life and ultimately changing it forever. Soon after, Tana became passionate about sharing her psychic gifts. 

​Much of her work currently takes place in Benicia, California, which is close to Bay Area. She offers Psychic ET Experiencer Readings, Tarot Readings, Crystal Readings, Crystal-Reiki Healings and Sound Vibrational Healings. She teaches a multitude of Psychic Development classes helping Contactees, Experiencers and Spiritual Seekers to identify and cultivate their Psy abilities. Her trainings exploring telepathic communication, automatic writing, receiving clairvoyant images and receiving conscious state ‘downloads’ of information, among other methods.

Tana's extraterrestrial contact goes as far back as childhood, but memories and new experiences only started to surface around the time she began using her psychic abilities and had her first UFO sighting. Her ET involvement centers around the production of Hybrid children as she recalls 10 years of experiences which include conception, gestation and retrieval.  She also identifies as a MILAB experiencer. 

Tana is involved in the Ufology Community, now attending and sharing her projects at conferences. She can be found teaching, presenting and conducting one-on-one Psychic ET Experiencer Readings. Sessions are conducted using her ET Experiencer Oracle Deck ​which Tana co-authored with Miesha Johnston.The divination deck is dedicated to the topic of Ufology and extraterrestrial contact. When used, it both validates encounters and clarifies details about personal experiences. Contact agendas are represented as well as ET species and Galactic Planets of Origin.

​In addition to her psychic work, Tana currently leads UFO Nightwatch Encounters in the Bay Area, California and on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. UFO Nightwatch Encounters features tours with military grade night-vision goggles, so you can enjoy your own personal UFO sightings!