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Guest Name
Steve Wasik
Steve Wasik
Guest Occupation
CEO @ VKTRY Performance Carbon Insoles
Guest Biography

Steve Wasik, CEO @ VKTRY Performance Carbon Insoles got his BS in marketing at the University of Connecticut and his MBA at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.  He says VKTRY is looking into marketing other types of athletic equipment in the future and plans to introduce a "Silver Series" version of VKs that will be less expensive that the original "Gold Series".

Backed by 10 years of research, VKTRY is the world's first high performance insole, scientifically proven to help athletes run faster, jump higher and train smarter. The unique, patented design is made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and was originally developed for the USA Olympic Bobsled team to help with explosive starts. Now, the product is being used across virtually all sports and by all levels of athletes ... from Olympic gold medalists to weekend warriors.