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Safety Is Dangerous Business. Are you working with the right team? Imagine if your safety department worked on your side. It all begins with Safety Cultures.
Guest Occupation
Spike Edwards - ️Profitability & Safety Consultant
Guest Biography

Spike Edwards is a Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and host of “Spike's Bulletproof Your Business” podcast.  Internationally acclaimed Safety Culture Expert and Business Maverick, Spike Edwards, shows businesses how to regularly create profits, increase productivity and save lives. After serving in the military Spike Edwards spent 21 years to focus on one challenge: Cracking the Safety Code. The turning point for Spike Edwards was working with a large American company where he was brought in to a scene from the movie Deep Water Horizon, to head the project, design and roll out a safety campaign and 18 months later it was a hugely successful campaign. Today, Spike helps to grow leaders in businesses around the globe.