Guest, Sharon Carne

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Sharon Carne
Sharon Carne
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Author Speaker Certified Sound Healer
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"I find it endlessly fascinating how what we perceive as a failure turns out to have a purpose beyond our imagination. My journey with music started innocently enough with receiving a guitar under the Christmas tree when I was 16. Fortunately there was a teacher close by who taught guitar who sparked an interest in classical guitar within my heart. My guitar was put on the back burner as I left home for university and teaching public school in a tiny town in Northern Ontario. That's when the challenge started..."
Sharon Carne has felt the love of music for most of her life. After falling in love with the Classical guitar in her teens and having earned her Bachelor of Music, and Master of Fine Arts degrees, Sharon joined the faculty of the Conservatory at Mount Royal University in 1988.
Sharon is the author of “Listen From the Inside Out”, has produced 8 CDs including “Transmutation, Shed the Negative”, “Woodland Song”, and “Blissful Chimes”, and a series of DVDs.
Sharon is regularly invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community. Such as the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Mental Health Commission, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the National Health Work and Wellness conference in Quebec, numerous staff and teacher conferences, countless radio shows, and many corporate and private events.
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