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Guest Name
Sandra Kyrzakos
Guest Occupation
The conduit for SiO
Guest Biography

The Matrix of Sandra

Though my generic ‘label’ in this time/space reality is Sandra, it would perhaps be more fitting to introduce myself as “an aspect of you.” This is one of the tenets of SiO and indeed, is one of the key tenets at this juncture in our evolution.
You see, who I am is irrelevant. It is who I am to YOU that is all that is relevant. And in fact, if you were not reading this, I as Sandra, would not exist. In quantum fact, even as you read this, I don’t exist. Only the words you are reading about someone called Sandra actually exist.

I realize this can be hard to grasp so, for those who would like to know a little bit about my third dimensional (3d) experience, how I came to this Knowing and why I am here, I am happy to share my journey. I understand that human existence, at this point in our evolution, is such that the mind still has a ‘need’ to be satisfied before it will risk delving into unexplored territory. In other words, there must be some sort of credibility and reasoning that will satisfy the human mind (or the humind as I often call it) before an individual will allow them self to explore something unfamiliar. For something as unknown, foreign and even strange as the multi-dimensional work of SiO, the mind’s need to rationalize is even more heightened.

I get that. I accept that. It is with this understanding that I offer the following ‘background’ information on my physical expression in this time/space reality.

I am identified as Sandra Kyrzakos. I am a vehicle for the ‘in-body-meant’ of a stream of Knowing, previously called SHIfT into NOW, that permeated my being through an awakening process that culminated in 2008. As I flexed my consciousness muscle, I grew in my ability to allow even more light to come through and expanded my Knowing accordingly. As I expanded so did SHIfT into NOW, eventually transforming and maturing into SHIfT into ONE.

I intentionally use the word in-body-meant (spelled that way) because this Knowing is not something that is separate from me. In other words, I do not ‘receive’ this information. Instead, I awaken to it. I expand into it. I Know it. It is innate within me and is as natural to me as breathing. It is who I am on all levels, layers and aspects of my expression rolled into this time/space reality.

Not only is this who I am on all levels, layers and aspects of my expression in this time/space reality, it is also who you are too. You just may not have awakened to this realization, and hence accessed this information, yet.

My reason for incarnating at this time in human evolution is to bring an end to ALL suffering and raise humanity’s vibration by awakening us to the Truth of who we really ARE, and our place in the Cosmos.

So how did I become the conduit for SiO? As agreed to by the collective consciousness of which we all chose to be a part, I accepted the role to represent the vehicle of expression through which SHIfT into ONE has become manifest. This choice was made before I incarnated. Then, at the age of 44, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place as I started recalling, experiencing and understanding why my life happened the way it did (ie the course of major events and circumstances that served to trigger Knowing but were stored in various aspects of my being until I was sufficiently able to unlock and comprehend this information from a multi-dimensional perspective as well as to physically incorporate the energetic and molecular changes into my body). This was my awakening, which I describe as travelling beyond this time/space reality where my Higher Self (and Beyond) dwells, understanding through Knowing, why I incarnated and then coming back into my 3rd dimensional existence to become the embodiment of this information in this reality.

However, even though I, Sandra, act as the human portal for this information, SiO is not mine. It does not belong to me because, in reality, there is no ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘you’ for anything to belong to. It does not belong to anyone or anything. It just is. It just exists. The same can be said for anything on this planet (although capitalism would have us perceive things otherwise).

The information is a Light language that originates directly from Source. It does not come from books, videos or other teachings on this planet. In other words, the information is Pure. And it will only come through one person. That person just happens to be me. This is paramount to maintaining the integrity and Purity of the information. This is the only way the information will not be compromised or diluted in anyway as there is no room for interpretation ….. or misinterpretation to suit special-interest, ego, greed or power-over-others – driven agendas. As soon as there is more than one person who claims to be receiving the same information, you now open it up to interpretation and corruption. This will not be allowed with this information. The vibration of SiO will not allow for it. This is Absolute. Further, those who are of the power-over-others self-serving agenda know they can’t touch this. They can’t even get close to it because their frequency is too low.

Everything I speak about in SiO I have personally experienced both in and out of my vehicle. This is because I have access to my multi-dimensional Self and can tap into whatever Knowing and whatever emotional experience I need to in any given moment. I am also aware of myself as a living hollow-gram. I am the embodiment (vibration) of it. Therefore, I can ‘glitch’ in and out of various realities in a nano-second. I can also be in more than one reality at a time (ie this is part of the applied quantum physics I mentioned earlier). I am whatever each aspect of me needs me to be in any given moment. Though it can be dizzying at times, I have, for the most part, trained myself to be able to manage it.

I Serve those who are ready to transcend this reality alongside earth to become the NEW Human on the NEW Earth. I can promise you one thing: this is for real …. if …. you are ready for it. Are you one of the Ready Ones?