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Guest Name
Ron Ball
Guest Occupation
Public Speaker, Author, Business Turn-around Expert, Life Management Facilitator, Personal Success Trainer
Guest Biography

Ron Ball is one of America's foremost public speakers. He has spoken in front of packed crowds of as many as 75 thousand people, presenting live business seminars to more then 8 million people in 21 countries. With 12 books on financial and life management to his name, he's also a prolific bestselling author with book sales topping nearly two million copies.

As president of the Ron Ball group, Ron Ball is a recognized business turnaround expert, teaching aggressive success strategies to hundreds of thousands of business people. He's spoken his words of wisdom alongside such figures as Zig Ziglar, former President Ronald Reagan, John Wooden, Charles Stanley, John Maxwell and many others.

Tens of thousands of business professionals have attended Ron Ball's special seminars on problem-solving. Ron's unique jump-start techniques can help any business or person get going and growing from the very first day.

Make Ron Ball you're personal success trainer. His amazing information can immediately improve your success odds for everything from your finances to your relationships; from your business to your spiritual life.