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Guest Name
Roberta Hladek
Guest Occupation
teacher, counselor, radio host
Guest Biography

Roberta Hladek is the CEO and co-founder of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC also referred to as EMC². She is head of operations at the company headquarters in Las Vegas, NV and oversees over 60 EMC² Facilitators worldwide. To date, the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing has assisted thousands of people on their path to self healing.

Thirty years ago, Roberta began working with Stephen Lewis after being injured in a car accident. Having a natural attraction to alternative therapies, she consulted Lewis for help. At the time, he had his private practice in which he incorporated acupuncture and homeopathy in conjunction with subtle energy research, physics, oriental healing arts, philosophy and spirituality. As Roberta experienced accelerated healing and achieved a full recovery, she was experiencing tremendous shifts in her emotional and physical healing. This spawned her passion for energetic work. She left her successful career in the corporate world, obtained a degree in homeopathy, and partnered with Lewis, taking on an instrumental role in expanding his practice and, years later, in making the miracle called the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing known and available to people world-wide.

Roberta is now in charge of researching all energetic imbalances and has had a profound impact in discovering countless balancing frequencies in the last two years along with her other duties. She is a co-founder of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC (EMC²), with Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson. She’s made it her life’s work to help thousands worldwide discover the benefits of the AIM Program. She is also responsible for developing the Energy Goal Cards and AIM Essentials conference calls and is the inspiration for the character “Jennifer” in the novel Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness, Max’s ever-patient assistant/alchemist.

"The aim of energetic balancing is to give the body enough strength, which I call "energy" to use its own wisdom and its own resources to provide a state of well-being You already know that there is an innate self-organizing principle in your body whose purpose is to maintain health. If that organization is disrupted, your ability to resist or overcome infections is hampered or lost. If you need a term for what I'm doing, let's say that I'm organizing you to help you deal with your specific problems. If I succeed, it's highly possible that you'll go back to your doctor and be found free of your diseases."

— Sanctuary, Pathway to Consciousness