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Guest Name
Natalie Queiroz
Natalie Queiroz
Guest Occupation
Domestic Homicide survivor
Guest Biography

In 2016 on a quiet Friday afternoon, on a pavement just yards from a busy suburban town centre, Natalie’s ‘safe’ middle-class world, in which she was 8 months pregnant with her third child and about to start maternity leave from her executive role in the pharmaceutical industry, completely blew apart.

So, what do you do when in a blink of an eye, everything you believed in and understood to be your ‘normal’ world is ripped away from you literally, and you are left fighting for your life at the hands of your ‘loving’ partner who left for work as normal that morning? Surviving one of the UK’s worst attempted domestic homicides was just the start of Natalie’s inspirational journey.

Since her attack and recovery from being stabbed 24 times over 9 minutes, mum of three Natalie has gone on to understand the effects of trauma, becoming a qualified specialist in trauma-informed practice and working with gangs and youth violence (OCN Level 3).

Her hard-hitting story has been shared with young people from a variety of backgrounds across the UK, and is always received with the same shock and respect. Young people sit mesmerised as she takes them through the day of her attack, how she was the last person she ever expected to become a knife victim, her extensive injuries both short and long term – physical and emotional, before rounding up with a positive empowerment piece about how any of us can get back from anything, even when the world around us is extremely negative. In addition, Natalie’s true passion now lies around education of young people on the impact of trauma and how they can overcome it.